Partnership in action: fixing the well, bringing water to PAID

There will soon be water at PAID!  Rivers of the World will pay to fix the well at PAID. Acquiring water in the Mpasa II community is a daily chore.  How can you possibly articulate the sounds of the early morning (5am) when the older orphans (about 6 of them, boys and girls) wake up before dawn to help Mama Eliza and Mama Bebe carry the 5 to 20 liter bottles and buckets to the well 2-3 km away?

India mark II pump

In 2008, Giving Back to Africa connected PAID with Rivers of the World (ROW) to dig a well in the PAID compound.  For a while the well provided ready water for PAID and the community.  A small fee charged for each bottle went into a fund to cover inevitable well maintenance and repair.  The well was a blessing... until it broke.

And now Jerry, our Project Manager tells us that Jackson and Omba (ROW representative in DRC) have made connections and that the money has come through from ROW and the well will be fixed!  The perseverance has paid off.  GBA was able to faciliate the conversations between ROW and PAID!  That is part of our bridging role.

A maintenance agreement will ensure the well will continue operating.  Stay tuned for pictures.  We can't wait until we see that flowing water again! What a blessing that will be!