Water is running at PAID!!

We are celebrating the return of a working well at the PAID orphanage!  On May 25th we received news that a well digging crew fixed the well.  The uncapped well pipe gushed muddy water into the PAID compound.  People flocked to collect water even before the well head was in place.

Over a period of several months Jackson Babese, PAID President and Omba, Rivers of the World representative in DRC, worked together, assessing the condition of the well and resolving problems.  Rivers of the World originally installed the well, three years ago, and provided money for this repair!  The perseverance has paid off.

A maintenance agreement between PAID and the Mpasa II community will ensure that money is available to maintain and repair the well if it breaks.  The agreement sets a minimal price for a liter of water.  The receipts will be placed in an account for future access.

Giving Back to Africa facilitated the conversations between Rivers of the World (ROW) and PAID as part of our bridging role. Recognizing that we may have greater

access to organizations that can assist PAID, we worked with Jimmy Shafe, Rivers of the World Congo-Kasai chapter.  This project shows an alternative to the traditional method of providing development assistance, where support comes from an international organization only.  In this case, PAID, Rivers of the World and Giving Back to Africa combined their capacities to bring badly needed water to a needy community.

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