We get by with a little help from our volunteers (and sponsors)

Our wonderful intern Jennifer Bellville collected information from some of our volunteers about their work with us and the number of hours they dedicated to us.  Using these hours, she calculated the value of the donated time in dollars, using the estimated dollar value of volunteer time for 2010 of $21.36 per hour from Independent Sector. The result is amazing!  The total hours from the last 12 months is 1210.8.  This has a value of $25,8 Th62.69!

Our board, interns and and IU student association donated over $25,000 to Giving Back to Africa last year!  And this isn't all.

I don't know how to calculate the kind efforts of Bloom Magazine, Krista Detor, Jim Krause and TableTop ProductionsMarkey's Audio Visual, Karen Pitkin Real Estate, Becky Wann Real Estate, the Atlas Ballroom.  Their help in making Krista Detor's Holiday Show a huge success truly is incalculable.

And I must, must thank Priscilla Borges and David Ernst at Internet Minded, without whose help you would not see the wonderful Web site you do.

We really do get by with a LOT of help from our volunteers and sponsors.  Thank you all.