Less than a Land Rover

Donations to Giving Back to Africa fund a very lean and efficient operation. Over 80% of our funds directly support Congolese youth leaders learning to solve problems, like issues of clean water in the Mpasa community. Our expenses in 2012, to date totaling $66,000, supported:

  • Four grades (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th) learning service centered leadership through the Clean Water Curriculum,
  • A series of student community service projects carrying ideas about hand washing to over 70 families,
  • Four teacher trainings on developing, teaching and implementing a student-centered, leadership curriculum grounded in the everyday problems of the community,
  • Weekly international curriculum development and program design meetings with education and service learning experts.

Our expenses are less than half the annual cost of one Land Rover typically used by large international aid agencies. Our volunteers are another example of our efficiency, donating over $25,000 worth of time and talent.