Gift of Bins Help Students Manage Waste

Katie McDaniel, of the Love More Foundation, Dr. Jerry Kindomba, Giving Back to Africa Program Manager, and Danielle Anderson, of DRC Adoption Services. Dr. Jerry Kindomba recently welcomed Katie McDaniel of the Love More Foundation and Danielle Anderson, former Giving Back to Africa DRC administrator, to Centre Salisa to see the progress of our student leaders.  Katie and Danielle donated important tools to facilitate student learning, waste bins.

The students will use the bins when they teach their community about waste management, as part of the second module of Giving Back to Africa’s Leadership Development curriculum.  In the first module, students in upper elementary and early secondary levels studied the problem of Clean Water in their community of Mpasa II, outside the city of Kinshasa in the DR Congo; they presented their learning to their classmates, parents and community members in a Fête de Présentation, and went on to develop and implement Community Service Actions around proper hand-washing technique.

Now, these students have undertaken an exploration of the problem of Solid Waste Management, and after a set of lessons on the waste stream and waste cycles, recycling and reuse, the students are preparing a new Fête de Présentation, aimed at encouraging proper waste management at school, at home and in the community.


Katie and Danielle gave money to purchase color-coded bins, which figure large in the songs and skits being prepared for the Fête. The goal of Giving Back to Africa is to develop student leadership in finding local solutions to local problems, but also to serve as a partner which can support these solutions with supplemental resources. Thank you to all of you who are part of this endeavor.