Using Skits and Celebration, Students Put Centre Salisa “On the Map”

Students map painters in front of the water map of Mpasa Last year students created a large scale map of the water sources in their community and it became the focal point of their school grounds. Now, students are preparing to educate their family, friends, and government officials about a new area of focus – waste management.

Using skits, presentations, and story-telling, students will “teach back” about waste management through the Fete de Presentation slated for Saturday, April 18. In advance of the event, one parent shared the following, “I’m very happy to see the school clean and tidy and the wonderful demonstrations done by students.” Families and local officials will undoubtedly be impressed by the knowledge and conviction students portray through their interactive presentations. Students will continue to put their hard work and knowledge “on the map” in the Kinshasa area. Laughter, bands, and refreshments will also mark the day, but there is more to the story than this one-day celebration.

Centre Salisa students preparing for the feteFor more than four months, teachers at PAID have participated in Saturday trainings on project-based learning, shifting their methods from memorization-based learning to open-ended questioning. Students have also shifted their approach to learning, using the problems and opportunities of their local environment to learn the science, math, and language principles needed to understand waste management in DR Congo.

This weekend marks the culmination of much dedicated effort from both students and staff. Community members will learn about the challenges associated with waste management and have an opportunity to join the discussion about opportunities for improvement. Looking ahead, students will take these ideas and turn them into action. Stay tuned for more updates on the Community Service Actions likely targeting the disposal, re-use, and long term health aspects of waste management practices.