Student Leaders Amaze Themselves at Spring Fete de Presentation

Community Learning is Key for Giving Back to Africa's Programs On May 18th, a fete de presentation (literally translated as "Feast of Presentation"!) gave students a chance to celebrate and show off the waste management skills learned in the second youth leadership education module.  Students prepared dances, poems, songs, and skits to teach community members about waste management. Their goal was to educate community members about the risks of handling waste improperly.

After the fete, the teachers and students alike reflected on their performances and overall feelings about the fete. The consensus was that it was a fun and informative program for all.

Before the fete, some students had reported being nervous or worried about speaking in public, but their fears were met with strength at the performance. After the fete,  students felt that their hard work had reached a vast audience, and teachers and students alike reported an astounding sense of pride in their achievement.

Evaluating and refining the program means that more students, like Beni, will be able to be a part of stronger educational systems.

Students went on to identify the next steps in carrying out waste management projects in the community. These next projects aim to continue learning, reinforce waste management lessons, further connect students and the community, and increase awareness about both waste and the students' work at Centre Salisa. We call these projects community service actions, or CSAs.

Students and teachers will lead the CSAs over the course of the next few months. The kids are very eager to continue working and educating in their neighborhoods. Beya-Beya, a 7th gradeer, said, “As we show people how to manage the waste, we must now go show them how to prepare food properly. We have to go in the fields and tell people to pick up the waste.”

There's a buzz around the originality of the students' efforts at Centre Salisa. The hands-on curriculum there is seen as one-of-a-kind.  Student Ndjali remarked that, “If all the schools in the DRC act like this, the situation will change positively. It was very good and very touching.”

With the brilliant leadership from these students, we are sure to see continued positive change in communities in DR Congo. We will bring you more news on the students' CSAs as the summer progresses. Thank you for your continued partnership in making accomplishments like this possible!