Community Recognizes Students as Leaders of Change

Recently we told you about how our students amazed themselves with their abilities during the May 18th Fete de Presentation. Parents and teachers came away impressed by the the courage and eloquence these young leaders show in educating their communities on important community development issues, such as waste management. Rodin Mabingi, Executive Director of PAID Centre Salisa (the school where we work) spoke for the school and the community after the fete:

Rodin's word

“I am taking this moment to thank GBA for having always thought of PAID (Centre Salisa) in terms of support of all its activities. The organization [of the fete] was impeccable. The guests (notably some authorities from N’sele, UNICEF, and World Vision), the parents and other people in the community were all very animated with joy to see these students well formed, presenting with courage and good speech the poems, the small scenes, songs and dances that conveyed the biggest message relating to the good management of waste to prevent illnesses.

Immediately after the ceremony, since the work had been well done, the mayor’s representative and the distinguished guests congratulated us, encouraged us, and asked if we could develop the projects for the popularization and implementation of this message. The parents were also content with the development of their children.


Allow me to say that thanks to your support, PAID (Centre Salisa) is changing the bad behavior in the community more and more. The students themselves become the true leaders of change by their initiative and ideas that impress the people. Therefore, we ask you to receive the thanks addressed to you. You may all know that your presence has marked a large impact in DR Congo. We hope this continues! We envision a huge awareness in the neighborhood soon.”

We share Rodin’s vision of a changed Congo. Our amazing students are using their education to shape the community.We are committed to continuing this remarkable work. We also thank you for you continued support, which makes all of this possible.

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