Dr. Jerry Kindomba, Project Manager, to Embrace U.S. Trip, Speak at Gala

Dr. Jerry Kindomba, Project Manager Dr. Jerry Kindomba, Project Manager in DR Congo, is ready to visit the capital of Hoosier nation! Dr. Jerry arrives in the United States on August 20th and will stay until September 15th. Dr. Jerry will be busy making appearances, giving talks, and engaging with our supporters across the country, as well as sightseeing! Register for the gala on September 5th to hear Jerry speak about the past year at Centre Salisa.

Dr. Jerry is a Congolese medical doctor who is very familiar with community development. He worked with a USAID project to improve Congolese healthcare before working with us. Dr. Jerry spearheads curriculum development for our shining students at Centre Salisa. Jerry and his wife have five boys.

Dr. Jerry's almost one month trip is Bloomington-based, but he will also be meeting with supporters in Washington D.C., Indianapolis, and Michigan. He is meeting with numerous organizations, including the George Malaika Foundation, the Global Fund for Children, the Bloomington-based Project School, and Sunrise Rotary. He will also be on the Noon Edition Radio Program, a WFIU program, on September 6th.

Dr. Jerry's appearances and talks help to continue to raise awareness for the educational dilemmas in DR Congo, our work in Mpasa, and what next steps are needed. His efforts allow both new and old friends to support student leadership in DR Congo.