Support Needed for Vital Kinshasa Trip This Spring

As we start off the new year, GBA needs to go on a critical fundraising and programming trip. The goals of this trip include gaining potential support from a new foundation and the possible creation of a new partnership in DR Congo.

There will be a journalist and filmmaker traveling with GBA co-founder Ann Marie Thomson. They will be creating a professional video for GBA (at almost no cost to GBA). Additionally,  will be meeting with the Director of GBA Congo, Dr. Jerry Kindomba, regarding improving administration and programming at Centre Salisa School and Orphanage.
Three of the four plane tickets to Kinshasa are paid for, but we need to raise an additional $2100* for the cost of visas, in-country travel, and room and board. We must raise these funds by no later than February 3, 2014.** We are grateful for any and all donations. Please donate through JustGive at the address below:
 *These funds are earmarked for the Kinshasa trip.

**As of 1/29, $3000 has been raised, and we need only $2100 more!

Thank you for your continued support!