Giving Up to Give Shows the Value of Even the Smallest Sacrifice

The online project Giving Up to Give aims to remind us of the threads that tie all people together. Though we can not understand fully the atrocities and sadness that have plagued the nation of DR Congo, we can connect with the amazing heart of its people, people with stories just like you and me. One Kentucky family of five started a movement that has turned into not just donations, but into hundreds of human connections. Giving Up to Give operates on this premise-- give up everyday items in order to make a difference. Every little bit adds up. They suggest giving up a morning coffee, dinner (swap it for rice and beans), or a movie ticket on a weekly or monthly basis (or daily!). You can give on your own, with a group, or in honor of something. The idea is to donate the saved funds to GBA. The power of this kind of giving is that you can see how saving a little goes a long way-- whether you give $2 or $200, that money goes right to empowering the students and teachers at Centre Salisa.

Here is the online link to donate saved funds

Or send a check to: GBA, PO Box 2328, Bloomington, IN 47402

Giving Up to Give started off the year strong-- the community raised $500 in January alone! Their goal is to have a group or individual fill up each day of 2014 with a pledge to give. You can view their progress on the calendar on their website. Donations from Giving Up to Give go to implementing vital curriculum topics at Centre Salisa such as waste management, clean water, and nutrition, which encourage student leaders to make positive changes in their communities through community service actions.

In a world where it's easy to get consumed in the chaos of our own lives, Giving Up to Give has given us a reason to remember the paths of others (and how our paths can cross with theirs--even thousands of miles away from each other). The project continues to amaze us each day, and we are immensely grateful for the love and support of the community.

Become a part of Giving Up to Give and keep track of the movement at



Update from April 2014 Giving Up to Give campaign


We are excited to bring you the latest news from Giving Up to Give!  The campaign raised $178.65 for the month of June. Adding this to the January, February, March, April, and May total of $2,618.33, Giving Up to Give has raised an incredible $2,796.98 so far this year.

This group of people and their passion and talent for helping the students never ceases to amaze us. Please continue to follow their progress at