Dare Me For Charity Event Combines Compassion and Action, Draws Closer

The Indianapolis Dare Me for Charity event is now only about a month away! On Friday, July 25th, our GBA team, led by intern Patrick Gower, will make leaps of great heights in order to win community support and funds for GBA.

Dare Me For Charity is a reality television/extreme adventure charity event where participants jump from various heights of platforms in order to earn distance points for their team. Each team member gets three jumps from the main jump tower, and the team with the highest total amount of distance jumped at the end of the event will win $1,000.

The jumps will be made from a platform that Patrick describes as a cherry picker. The platform is adjustable, with a maximum height of 40 feet—the highest that any individual is allowed to jump. However, participants can jump from any height they want that is below 40 feet, and they do not have to jump at any designated height.

What's great about this opportunity is that you don’t have to be an extreme sports lover to participate in the event! The airbag below the platform is 11 feet high, so even if you make all of your jumps from 15 feet, you’re still earning 15 feet for the team’s total distance while only really falling 4 feet. Any jump will help GBA’s chances of earning the grand prize. Anyone is welcome to join the team or to come and support us the day of the event!

The event will be held at Washington Square, in Indianapolis, on July 25th at 9:30 a.m. All teams must arrive for training at 8 a.m. The team will be carpooling from Bloomington to Indianapolis (a one hour trip). Anyone wishing to join the carpool can contact Patrick or GBA’s Executive Director, Dena Hawes (director@givingbacktoafrica.org).

As of June 20th, we have six jumpers (that's 18 jumps!), but we are hoping to add even more to the team! It’s not too late to register. Please go to the Dare Me For Charity website link below and click on Indianapolis. Search for our team, titled “Empowering Youth Leaders to Change their Reality in DRC,” and click on our page. On the page, you will see a link to register to jump with us.

For registration: http://dareme4charity.com/campaign/list

For questions, please contact Patrick at pagower@umail.iu.edu

We will see you on July 25th!