GBA's Program Committee Shows the Importance of Working Together

Over the past few years, the Program Committee has been working in a consistent and focused manner with Dr. Jerry and the teachers in the Congo. Through weekly communication and a collaborative vision to help students and a community to succeed, a process has been created and continuously refined.The present challenge for the Program Committee is creating a way to assess students’ leadership skills both before and after a module. By developing this process, the teachers will better understand and explain how much a module has helped their students through tracking changes. This has not been a simple process due to the detail-oriented and time-consuming nature of the work. As Board Member Maria Brown explains, “The Program Committee is also being very careful to not just tell the teachers what to do, rather to work collaboratively and determine what would work best for both the teachers and the students. It is crucial that the teachers play a central role in this process in order to create a tool that is beneficial in their environment." So, the Program Committee will go through each leadership skill with Dr. Jerry in great detail and provide him with potential examples. Dr. Jerry will then take these leadership skills to the teachers where they focus on fine tuning the skills into the final curriculum modules. Dr. Jerry told us; “I'm proud of the way we are progressing with this process, refining it in the best way." This process, though long and painstaking at times, (and further complicated by the challenges with weak and often unreliable internet service), completely embodies everything Giving Back to Africa stands for. Everything we do is done well, collaboratively and intentionally. By taking the time, teachers are empowered through their involvement in the learning process and the Program Committee can conduct credible research on the success of the curriculum. The ultimate goal is to create a successful and detailed curriculum that can be replicated. Every detail is carefully recorded and analyzed to help with this goal, making the process just as important as the outcome. This is the second time a measurement tool has been developed and both the Program Committee and the teachers are hopeful with the progress. Ann Marie said "It's great, though, that they are really so much more engaged in the actual design of the instrument because now they understand it so much better than in 2012.” Thank you for your continuous support as we refine this process and stay tuned for more updates on our progress!