College des Saviors Continues to Engage with Community, Hosts Parent Meeting and English Club

Giving Back to Africa is committed to involving parents and the community at-large in the education process at College des Saviors, incorporating their feedback into the curriculum and sharing the students’ knowledge through service learning projects. This involvement not only helps to create buy-in amongst community members, but also fosters a program that is sustainable and has impacts that reach beyond the classroom.

Dr. Jerry is always looking for ways to bring the community and the school together. He recently hosted a parent meeting at College des Saviors. At the meeting, he asked the parents why they had chosen to enroll their children at College des Saviors. Two mothers noted that they enrolled their children at the school because they have seen students from College des Saviors setting an amazing example in the community.

Also recently, the English Club was re-started, with a new teacher. A representative from the US Embassy, as well as a professor, came to the club’s first meeting. The students even asked them some questions in English.

The students continue to shine and impress us and the community alike. We look forward to bring you more updates soon.