Coming Together for a Meal

Following engineer Mununga’s presentation about composter use within a garden, there was a community meal using vegetables harvested from the Students’ Learning Garden. College des Savoirs (CdS) students invited community (‘street’) kids, who had previously intervened with the Students’ Learning Garden fence and vegetables, to join them in this meal. The CdS students were able to see their hard work pay off and the entire community benefitted from the vegetables grown within the raised garden beds. This was an opportunity for the members of CdS to share their experiences creating and caring for the Students’ Learning Garden and the vegetables produced from it with the Mpasa community.


Parents, CdS teachers and students all helped to prepare the meal for the community. Some parents also brought what had grown in their private gardens to discuss and share what vegetables had been harvested from their homes. With the culmination of the bountiful meal, students were tasked with emerging next steps for implementing the composter in their Students’ Learning Garden. Students, with the guidance of CdS teachers, will craft a deposit within the composter to receive and store all the waste and then invite community members to bring their compost to the garden.


The hopes of this event was to shed light on the importance of the Students’ Learning Garden within the Mpasa community. Students were able to share with the ‘street’ kids the bounty of plants from the garden as well as play and socialize. Parents were able to see the hard work that students had been putting into the Students’ Learning Garden and were amazed by the results. Those community members unaffiliated with CdS also received insight on what was taking place within the school. They thoroughly enjoyed the meal prepared. This community meal was an amazing event that brought everyone together and we hope to continue these meals with the vegetables harvested from the garden to further highlight the importance of its growth and the necessity for care of it.