Economics Working Within the Kinshasa Community

Businessmen and women were invited to College des Savoirs school (CdS) to discuss how to run a business and answer any questions students may have had regarding economics. This presentation was an effort for students to gain background in finance so to begin learning Modules 4 and 5, Lesson 3. The students welcomed three speakers to hear about a plethora of businesses operating within their community.

Mr. Nelson shared his experience with his convenience store where he sells cookies, candy, and soaps. He previously studied at CdS in 2008 and is now completing 12th grade while operating his business. Mr. Emmanuel Kabuya, pictured below, highlights the sales within his hardware store. He currently has two kids enrolled at CdS. Ms. Ostine, pictured below, sells vegetables grown from her garden to the community. Some of those vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, garlic, and eggplant.


Students asked thought-provoking questions to these individuals:

• How do you set the price of your goods?

• How do you know that you received profits?

• Are your activities profitable?

• What do you do when your (perishable) goods are not bought on time?

• How do you distribute your income or profits from your business?

• What advice can you give us regarding our school garden?

The culmination of these presentations ended with excitement and students will share the provided answers with other classes. We are incredibly grateful to these individuals who took time out of their busy days to share with our students many aspects of running a business.