Teacher Learning Circles Spark Creativity in Lessons

Teachers from all 3 partner schools along with Giving Back to Africa (GBA) staff met on April 6th to discuss efforts to improve classroom climate for our students. Four teachers from College des Savoirs school (CdS) shared their techniques with the entire group. Teacher Mr. Emmanuel presented his strategy of telling a story first by observation of a problem and then solving to fix that issue. Teacher Mr. Chançard explained and insisted that students should always be encouraged in class. He said he believed that through encouragement students will become more engaged leading to their success. Additionally, he likes to incorporate games and metaphors within his teaching. He explained the parts of a tree into these 4 sections: the root is the belief or idea, the trunk is the personality, the branch is the behavior or attitude and the fruit is the event that takes place.


Mr. Pombo stressed the importance of song and music through teaching students. He did an activity with the group in which they sang a song to discover the 26 letters of the alphabet. He also did an experiment regarding waste management. Each individual received a piece of candy and observations on where the wrapper had been disposed of were made. Some placed it in a wastebasket, some on the ground, others kept it in their pocket. Mr. Pombo highlighted how this could be communicated to kids to effectively manage their waste. Lastly, Mr. Kibulu shared. He stressed the need for good writing skills within the classroom and that much time should be dedicated to helping students with spelling and vocabulary. Additionally, he felt there are great benefits to counseling students and forming a relationship through teaching.

Teachers across all three of GBA’s partnering schools learned from these presentations. Many harnessed skills to incorporate games and stories into their teaching effectively. These four presentations showed more active participation within the classroom and how different forms of information can be received simultaneously.