Peer-to-Peer Teaching Between the Lukunga and College des Savoirs Students

Students and teachers from Lukunga met with students and teachers from the College des Savoirs (CdS) schools so that all the students could work together to help the students at Lukunga start their own student-driven school garden.  Students from the CdS are experienced gardeners and harvested their most recent crops at the beginning of May.  This exercise is meant to help teach the students about the importance of collaborative efforts.  These two groups of students have met with each other before, and they spent the first part of the meeting getting to know each other better and talking about what they have achieved since their last meeting.

Students from Lukunga and College des Savoirs

Students from Lukunga and College des Savoirs

As the collaboration continued, they talked about waste management and composting.  A CdS student by the name of Mbwebwe talked with the Lukunga students about creating bins of trash that can put into a compost and keeping them separate from the bins of trash that cannot.  He stressed the importance of recycling waste, and used the example of how CdS students used discarded plastic bottles (instead of wood) to frame their raised beds and to protect their raised gardens. Mbwebwe continued in telling the Lukunga students that the waste from the compost can be used as a natural fertilizer for the garden.

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The students at Lukunga seem to be excited about the prospects of their new Student Learning Garden.  The have been seen showing initiative at cleaning the area where the garden will be located and preparing to create raised beds to be put in place.  With the help of CdS students, students from Lukunga will soon have a bountiful school garden of their own and learn many lifelong lessons in the progress.