The Fete De Presentation

At the end of every school year, the College des Savoirs (CdS) school organizes a public Science Fair called the Fete de Presentation that allows the students to preform public presentations: dances, skits, poems, that shares with all the knowledge they have learned over the past year.  Teachers from Giving Back to Africa’s partnering schools, community members, parents and dignitaries from the Education Ministry, Police, Rotary Club Gombe, and Ndjili School joined parents of the CdS students in watching the presentations. 


Mr. Jovin Mukadi, who is the advisor of the DRC Education Ministry, was very impressed with the students’ work.  He was thankful of the work that GBA was contributing to help further their country’s education efforts and said he would work with the Minister of Education to organize a workshop for GBA to present results and impact from this experience.


After the presentations from the students, two CdS students, 12th grader Ebimba and 9th grader Mbwebwe, showed the rest of the school to the guests from the Education Ministry, Police, and Rotary Club Gombe.  The garden and compost were the main points of the tour, since they have changed the most since last year’s Fete de Presentation.  The two students gave a knowledgeable presentation on the compost and garden and even taught their guests a few things they didn’t know.


The Inspector from the Education Ministry in charge of the clean school program, Mrs. Vero, was very impressed with the garden and the amount of work the students and teacher had put into the planting and maintaining of the crops.  She encouraged the students to continue with their work with the life lesson that this type of learning is not focused on a grade, but it will help them in many different aspects later in their lives. 

Mr. Kapasi, who is from the Reform Division for the Ministry of Education, really enjoyed spending the day at CdS.  He expressed his joy by saying that images from this event should be broadcast on television and put in leaflets to hand out to every school in the DRC so students and teachers can see what is being done at College des Savoirs (CdS) school. 


In addition to this great day, CdS received some good news that 10 of their 11 students that qualified to take the State Exams have passed. This is an extremely high pass rate for this difficult exam, and the students’ teachers and parents as well as the staff and volunteers at Giving Back to Africa are beyond proud!  In addition, a student from CdS, Ebimba, had the highest score of all students that attempted the test.  This is a perfect indicator that the focused work being done by GBA/DRC staff, students and teachers in the DRC is paying off. 

With the school year over and the success of the Fete de Presentation and State Exams, students can enjoy a short break from class to play with their friends and relax before the school year starts again.  This year has been a great success for the teachers and students of CdS.  The progress that they have made in improving teaching methods for their students, the improvements with composting and gardening methods, and the peer to peer teaching sessions for teachers and students has exceeded all expectations.  We cannot wait to see and share with you what is in store for the next school year.