Engineer Manuga Visits the Students of College des Savoirs

The students were very excited to be visited by Engineer Manuga from Loyola University of Congo. He came to speak with the students about the importance of crop rotation and its application in their Students’ Learning Garden.

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Engineer Manuga began his presentation with questions about the garden and composting system. He demonstrated to the students it was necessary to rotate crops ensure a good production and harvest. When a farmer plants vegetable seeds and seedlings several times in the same ground, it happens that at the 2nd or 3rd harvest, the vegetables are not of good quality because the quantity of nitrogen that enriches the soil becomes diminished, if not exhausted. He also let them know that composts were not enough to facilitate the growth of plants, so we also must rely on animal waste.

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In closing, he said that all plants need three components: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. He reiterated that crop rotation is very important for many reasons including to avoid causing the soil to lose its important nutrients, to avoid diseases, and to increase production. He also advised the students to identify and produce rare crops according to the seasons for good trade policy.

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