21st Century Skills

The term 21st century skills is used to define core competencies that are believed to be crucial to a students success in today’s world. The are four major components of 21st century skills: collaboration and teamwork, problem solving, creativity and imagination, and critical thinking. At Giving Back to Africa, our curriculum encourages the use of these skills within the classroom and the community.

Recently, a group of eight grade students were working in the garden with their teacher, Mr Kibulu. A student was curious as to the French translation for the vegetable “bilolo”. None of the students or teachers knew the French translation for the Lingala word “bilolo”.

One eighth grade girl, Booti, demonstrated 21st century skills as she attempted to solve this problem. This girl purchased a French/Lingala list of plants for 100fc/$6. She brought the list to school and worked with her fellow classmates to determine the plants name. When asked about purchasing the list of plants, she stated “I wanted to know about the plants”.

The instruction of these 21st century skills are creating students, like Booti. They are creative problem solvers that use creativity and critical thinking to collaborate with their peers.