Meet Mr. Chancard

Noyau means “the core” in French. At College des Saviors (CdS), Giving Back to Africa has four core teachers, our Noyau teachers. They are the teachers who are creating 21 st century thinkers in the post-conflict community of Mpasa. They are the teachers who are facilitating CdS students to become agents of social change in their community. These Noyau teachers are demonstrating that a small “core” can create a big change!

Meet Mr. Chancard Mapasi Mbela. He has been teaching since his graduation in June 2005. Mr. Chancard was drawn to teaching by his own teachers. He states that they were always loving, encouraging role models for him. Because of their influence, Mr. Chancard decided to become a teacher where he could have a positive influence on his students.

As a teacher at College des Saviors, Mr. Chancard most loves when he sees his students grasp and apply a new concept. This brings him great joy as a teacher! At CdS, he enjoys collaborating with the other teachers. They work together to plan new lessons that will encourage the students to engage in 21st century skills. According to Mr. Chancard, this consideration and planning have fostered a great sense of mutual respect, love, and optimism among the teachers at CdS.


Recently, Mr. Chancard had the privilege to represent CdS and the DRC at a workshop in the Gambia, Africa. He said that this incredible opportunity has taught him the important role brainstorming plays in becoming a problem solver.

In his classroom, Mr. Chancard implements what has been learned through the GBA Education Model. He encourages his students to address issues concerning the Mpasa community and the Cds school by brainstorming ways to resolve issues through problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.