Meet Mr. Emmanuel

At College des Saviors (CdS), Giving Back to Africa has the Noyau, our core or “kernel”, teachers. These teachers are instructing the students at CdS to embrace 21st century skills as they become agents of change in their Mpasa community.

Meet Mr. Emmanuel Losua-Sombo. As a child, his parents placed a great emphasis on being educated in order to provide for himself. While in school, Mr Emmanuel respected his teachers and wanted to emulate them as an adult. So, he pursued a career in education.

Mr. Emmanuel has been at CdS since the school was started. He has benefited from watching the school grow in the post-conflict society of Mpasa. Over the years, he, as a teacher, has learned and grown from the school’s partnerships, such as with Giving Back to Africa, and by creating relationships with other professionals.

As a teacher at CdS, Mr Emmanuel loves to enrich his knowledge through his interactions with other professionals. He fully embraces the problem solving approach of Giving Back to Africa. Due to this pedagogical approach, he has witnessed the students taking charge of themselves and their learning. Mr Emmanuel has seen the students grow in confidence even in the midst of a community that many would describe as very under-resourced.

Mr. Emmanuel states that teaching is a most noble profession that invests in the life long change of students. He is proud of his collaborative work with Giving Back to Africa and CdS to produce positive change in the Mpasa students and community!