Overview Empower Youth Equip Teachers Partnerships

The root of Giving Back to Africa lies in our partner school: College des Savoirs. We’ve crafted a unique and unprecedented curriculum for students to achieve a higher level of stability and prosperity.

GBA's Annual Report video highlights the work we accomplished in the Democratic Republic of Congo during 2016-17 and our plans for future work empowering youth in DRC


This documentary shows Giving Back to Africa's mindset, methods, progress and successes and was shown at our 2014 annual auction and gala, Congo: Continuing the Story in Song.

We are strong believers of walking with our students, and not doing for them.

Our innovative program addresses real life issues children face every day through structured, supportive, and collaborative problem solving activities. Children learn five leadership skills that help to solve direct issues in the community—which will, over time, help them act in positive ways on their own behalf, as well as the behalf of the communities in which they live.

Our philosophy is to let the children choose a yearly topic (a problem their community is facing) and use the leadership skills we teach to help them solve the problem.

So far we’ve worked on clean water, waste management, and nutrition. Over the next three years, the students will be learning about sustainability by conceptualizing, developing, and then planting a Student's Learning Garden. Help fund this year’s project!

It is through people, not structures and institutions, that long-term positive social change can occur.

We work with the teachers at College des Savoirs through collaboration—creating the lessons and training in new techniques together. While we develop the curriculum, we also pay teacher salaries, $50 a month.

Not only does our school enrich the lives of the students, we’ve seen changes in the lives of the teachers as well. Teachers often return to their homes and change their own behaviors, demonstrating the power of the knowledge and skills in our curriculum.

While our capacity is in education we recognize that learning requires a quality environment and access to resources.

Our partners are extremely vital to the sustainability and growth of our goals. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering.

College des Savoirs / PAID
(Program of Aid and Integration to the Underprivileged)

  • Location: Mpasa
  • partner in creating the servant leadership educational curriculum
  • skilled committed teachers
  • strong community reputation
  • making a difference in the community through education

Rivers of the World (ROW)

  • dug the river well in 2008 for College des Savoirs
  • returned in 2011 & 2012 to repair well
  • set up a community well management team
  • repaired College des Savoirs structures and donated mattresses

The Protestant University of Congo

  • Location: Kinshasa
  • premiere university in the DRC
  • pioneer in higher education
  • have over 5,300 students enrolled—half of whom are female
  • started the GBA Scholars Program

En Classe

  • Location: Kinshasa
  • Lukunga Primary and Secondary School
  • improves education and builds brighter futures for thousands of Congolese children
  • Dutch foundation founded in 2007
  • works to transform its partner schools and their surrounding environments
  • working in 25 schools

The Bloomington Rotary Club and Rotary Club Gombe

  • Location: Bloomington, IN and Kinshasa
  • Rotary Club Gombe is one of seven Rotary Clubs in Kinshasa
  • long-term relationship between these two partners
  • building a cistern and water storage system at College des Savoirs
  • building 6 cabinets to go into 6 classrooms for library books
  • building a wall to enclose a section of the property for the children’s learning garden

The Project School (TPS)

  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Sharing of Project Based Learning techniques and methods between GBA and TPS
  • TPS provides professional development opportunities between its teachers and GBA's Program Manager
  • TPS teachers and students are currently engaging in Cross-Cultural Learning Circles via Skype video with teachers and students at College des Saviors

The following U.S.-based partnerS contribute to Giving Back to Africa in the areas of Program, Professional Capacity and Development

Arthur and Gertrude Nielsen Foundations
The Brabson Library and Education Foundation
Capital Group
Culver Foundation
Gegax Foundation
HC Gemmer Family Christian Foundation
Power of One Foundation
Trinity Episcopal Church, Bloomington, IN
The West Foundation
International Foundation
Rotary Club of Indianapolis
U.S. Embassy/Kinshasa